"The blog as business tool has arrived"

I Startupjournal, Wall Street Journal Center for Entrepreneurs, kan man läsa att bloggen har stor nytta för små företag.

"While any size company can use such a strategy, small businesses may benefit most: Blogs offer little-known small businesses name recognition, and the chance to boost traffic well beyond what they'd get if they were simply offering goods and services for sale."

Man visar som exempel en blog (som vi redan tidigare har skrivit om, alltså före Wall Street Journal :-) som beskriver det dagliga livet på en farm. Den farm som producerar mjölken till yoghurten som Stoneyfield säljer:

"He doesn't even talk about Stoneyfield, and I couldn't care less if he does," says CEO Gary Hirshberg, who decided to launch several blogs after getting involved with Howard Dean's presidential campaign last year and seeing how effectively they built relationships and loyalty"

"Blogging is one of a wide range of ways that we can connect with people [and] strengthen what I call our handshake with the consumer," he says, while supporting longtime Stoneyfield causes like organic and family farming, environmentalism and good nutrition."

Spännande nya möjligheter, inte sant!